Swap galore!

I am really enjoying getting back into swapping on swap-bot. It really gets my creative butt moving and this past week I’ve really been on a roll and trying to be more creative while Sienna naps instead of getting lost on the internet. Here are some of the swaps I’ve been in or currently in.

Fall Coaster Swap-when I signed up for this swap, I had the perfect fall color fabric in mind as seen here. The tutorial for this is found here. But I did not count on my partner hating the colors orange and brown! DOH! So I had to scramble for another idea and came up with these:
It’s a reverse applique coaster! I was so happy I came up with this idea but wasn’t sure how much my partner would like it as my seams are not perfect. (She ended up loving it and gave me a 5 rating and a heart!) Whew! Following a line was actually harder than I thought. I tried 2 with the free motion foot but found it was easier using the regular foot. Here is what my partner sent me:

She spoiled me (she is swappinLady on swap-bot)!! Not only did she make CD coasters, she made mug charms and a wine bag (without the wine, I just put something in there to make it stand!) and orange hot chocolate! YUM! That was so nice of her!

I also joined the zipper pouch and candy swap. I won’t mention who my swap partner is or what candy I sent her as she did not receive it yet. I hadn’t made one of these pouches in awhile and it was fun! I hope my partner likes it, the swap had a fish theme!

Close up of fish applique
the back
blurry inside (I love the color!)

Elephants and Barney

Bronx Zoo 9/04

I think Sienna is afraid of elephants. Not the real kind as we haven’t taken her to the Bronx Zoo just yet but the fake bad looking ones. I think this because twice this week she got really upset when there was an elephant on Sesame Street (again, the fake kind). I just googled elephant and Sesame Street and I think the elephant is Elefante but I can’t be sure. Anyway, I usually put on Sesame Street in the morning so I can take a shower and get dressed in relative peace. Tuesday’s episode wasn’t as bad as Friday’s episode. On Friday, she clinged to my leg crying but still looking at the TV. I had not yet taken a shower yet so could not just leave (like on Tuesday) so I changed the channel instead to Fifi and the Flowertots, which is one of her favorites. I figured I could sit with her for a few minutes and then make a break for the shower. Nope. Everytime I tried to make a move, she would cry and cling to me. Sigh. Barney comes on after Fifi. I hate Barney. The kids on that show overact besides being dressed like real nerds, the nerdy nerd kind not the cool nerd kind. I even got upset with Yves when he was taping Barney shows for Sienna. Sienna likes Barney. I just think Sienna doesn’t know any better and would prefer to expose her to more cool shows like Jack’s Big Music Show or Yo Gabba Gabba. Well, on Friday Barney was the only thing that let me run into the shower. Sigh… Granted, she still ran in for me while I was in the shower but then it held her attention again while I was getting dressed. Damn you Barney!! What is your hold on children?! Are you secretly a cult and brainwashing them? I still hate Barney and vow only to use him when I am desperate. You haven’t gotten me Barney!!  (shaking fist in the air!)

Lucky No. 7

These were taken a month later at the banquet in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I don’t think I’ve worn this much make up since!

7 years ago today me and Yves got married in Las Vegas. It seems like almost yesterday! I feel really honored and super lucky to have found such a wonderful person to share my life with. A terrific, hands on dad and a loving husband. Thank you for these 7 years and I hope for many, many more!

Atlantic Antic

Sunday we took Sienna to the Atlantic Antic. We went last year as well but she was confined to her car seat stroller. She was running around loose this time and quite enjoyed herself! She got a balloon and was a dancing fool!


Yves took this cute series of photos:

We didn’t find the yummy empanadas we got last year tho. Sienna gobbled up the spinach pie from Sahadi‘s and then we ended up getting those mozzarella on corn bread sandwiches that you always see at street fairs (which I never got before!) It’s a bit sweet but good and Sienna really liked it. Here is one of her dancing sequences on video (e-mail or comment for the password!). This one is my favorite!

Dancing Fool from Lisa on Vimeo.

Sienna is so busy!

Miss soon to be world traveler got her passport on Friday! It came shockingly quick as we went on the 19th to apply and the postal clerk said 6 weeks! It’s all fancy with watermarked photos in color on each page!
We need to fill it up now mommy.

And here Sienna is all busy at my desk ‘talking’ on the phone with my mouse. She loves to sit at my desk and ‘type.’


And here is poor Daddy as a horse.


Daddy the horse from Lisa on Vimeo.

Pay It Forward – Fall Theme

I am addicted to google reader. If you are not familiar with Google reader, it helps you keep up to date with blogs that you read and you can see if your favorite blog has a new entry. There are several blogs that I read on a regular basis and then a few that I check when I remember or am bored. I finally signed up with Google reader (since I already had an account vs. making a whole other account with bloglines.) and now I find myself checking it constantly throughout the day. It’s just one homepage to go to to see if there are any new posts. It recommended some blogs to me based on the blogs I already had on there and that’s how I found the Belle Epoque blog and her Pay It Forward entry ( I can’t seem to link to the actual entry but it’s August 30th’s entry). I love the idea of it and was thinking of doing something similiar on my blog since I am always making things or see something cool to make but don’t because I don’t really need it. So of course when I saw this entry, I signed up right away! So now it is my turn!

“Pay it Forward” Exchange:
Here are the rules: I agree to send something fun, cute, and nice to the first 3 blog owners who post a comment on this entry. In turn, those three will post this information and pick 3 people they want to send something to and so on. Unfortunately, due to postage costs, I can only pay it forward within the United States. If you are interested in participating, be one of the first 3 blog owners to leave a comment!

You have to promise that you will then post about this on your blog, link to me, and then send something to the first three people who comment on your blog so that this continues. When I have the first three to comment I will email you a request for your shipping address and I will send out something that I hope will make you smile!”

So there it is! She included the blog link of where she discovered it and I inadvertantly commented on that blog and made it under the 3 and received something from Ali too! I got beautiful earrings from Ali and a cool wrist pin cushion from Nancy (of Belle Epoque). SO for me, instead of the first 3 bloggers, I will take the first 6 bloggers and send them something cool! I decided to make it Fall related as I made this set of Fall coasters for a swap on swap-bot but since my partner dislikes the color orange (!) and brown, I made a different set for her (which I’ll post about another time) And since it’s close to Halloween, I crocheted a skull ornament and a buttonhole spider. I have a few more things in the works but these are what I can show right now! So comment and you can get one of these!!


The eyes glow in the dark and you can actually attach this guy to one of your buttons.

Amigurumi Happy Times!

I swap with Swap-bot!

Last Friday I received my ami swap from my partner Christa (you may remember the jellyfish I made for my partner here). What an awesome partner I had! She not only sent me a great fat cat ami made of WOOL (no doubt from reading my profile about having a fat cat named Neo), she sent me ami poop and CHOCOLATE! YUM! And not just a few pieces of chocolate, one whole bar of Dove and a whole Ghirardelli dark chocolate with mint filling!


I’m glad I got this picture because as soon as Sienna got her hands on it, the googly eyes on the poo came off!

I hate being sick!


I am sick. blah. I felt something coming on Sunday and 2 reasons I seriously wanted to nip it in the bud! 1. I didn’t want Sienna to get sick 2. Davíd‘s last Monday night Living Room show was the next night! So I took a nyquil and actually didn’t feel bad on Monday. Then Sienna sneezed. And sneezed some more. And her nose was running. Groan. She’s sick! So I gave her tylenol before her nap. Her nose was still stuffy and runny when I was leaving and it was so hard to leave her. She kept calling for me. But I knew she was going to be ok with yves. So off to see Davíd! I got there a little before 8 and I’m glad I did! He started early! So I got about a full hour of him! I really enjoyed the show (the place was packed!) but honestly, I liked last week’s set better as they were mostly his songs. This time he played a lot of covers (Dreaming by Blondie and Burning Down the House by TH) and they were great but I really wanted to hear his stuff. Well, he promised to be back again. I did bring my camera but since I was sitting near the back, I knew it would be a waste to take any photos especially after he told them to dim the lights. I know other people took photos and did a google search but only found one here. I was sitting right behind this person! While searching with google, I found this cool blog post about davíd that gives some background in case you are interested here.

After the show I headed over to meet Nuno, Brenda, Alison and Josh for the delayed September mixer at Stanton Public. It was good to have Josh back! He shaved his beard! And it was a nice time and Brenda baked brownies (not from a mix!).

Anyway, I am feeling a bit better today and the worst of it was yesterday where I kept sneezing and blowing my nose. The doctor gave me some antibiotics for my throat so I don’t pass it on to Sienna. Of course, she is all better now. She seems to get over sickness pretty quickly. Thank goodness! Now I just wish someone can take care of me all day! Now I have to wait to pick up my parents from the airport after 11 (a 2 hour delay!) Groan!

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