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After seeing crafter girlpopcorn in this video on Threadbanger, I was inspired and got myself an embroidery & darning foot for my singer and some water soluble stabilizer. It came at the end of last week and decided to give it a quick try since the weekend was here. I am posting this in the hopes that once I get better with this, I can look back at this and see how far I’ve come. HA! At first I couldn’t figure out how to put the darn thing on! Once I realized that I would have to unscrew the shank that is on there now, I got a little nervous. I don’t like to unscrew things that I’m not familiar with! My manual also said I had to put the feed dogs down to do embroidery/free motion. I didn’t even know they went down! I didn’t know they were called feed dogs! LOL. Well, I still don’t really know if I put it on correctly as there is so much space between the foot and the sewing plate. I guess you need that much space in order to move the fabric around.

that’s a lot of space, dontcha think?

I pulled out some scrap sheets that I saved just for these practicing purposes. I decided to try and do Sienna’s name. I was so anxious, I spelled it wrong! HA!


I fiddled with the tension and realized the higher tension was not the way to go. I think this was somewhere between 5 and 7:


So I moved it lower to a 2. Yves’ name came out the best.


I thought it only fitting that I do Sienna’s name again but spelled correctly!


I certainly need a lot of practice with this and I’m guessing (hoping) the stabilizer will help. Hopefully my next post on this will be more successful!

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