Swap galore!

I am really enjoying getting back into swapping on swap-bot. It really gets my creative butt moving and this past week I’ve really been on a roll and trying to be more creative while Sienna naps instead of getting lost on the internet. Here are some of the swaps I’ve been in or currently in.

Fall Coaster Swap-when I signed up for this swap, I had the perfect fall color fabric in mind as seen here. The tutorial for this is found here. But I did not count on my partner hating the colors orange and brown! DOH! So I had to scramble for another idea and came up with these:
It’s a reverse applique coaster! I was so happy I came up with this idea but wasn’t sure how much my partner would like it as my seams are not perfect. (She ended up loving it and gave me a 5 rating and a heart!) Whew! Following a line was actually harder than I thought. I tried 2 with the free motion foot but found it was easier using the regular foot. Here is what my partner sent me:

She spoiled me (she is swappinLady on swap-bot)!! Not only did she make CD coasters, she made mug charms and a wine bag (without the wine, I just put something in there to make it stand!) and orange hot chocolate! YUM! That was so nice of her!

I also joined the zipper pouch and candy swap. I won’t mention who my swap partner is or what candy I sent her as she did not receive it yet. I hadn’t made one of these pouches in awhile and it was fun! I hope my partner likes it, the swap had a fish theme!

Close up of fish applique
the back
blurry inside (I love the color!)


  1. October 12th, 2008 | 7:08 pm

    I had never heard of the swap.bot. I had to control myself from joining every single paper swap. What an interesting idea. I signed up for a couple of swaps and have to wait to see if I get approved. Thanks for sharing–russ

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