Bavarians and Ice Cream!

Saturday we met the Michaleks for lunch in Queens. We met at Zam Stammtisch and I warn you, do not continue reading if you are hungry! 😉 I had an Open Faced Rueben Sandwich, Tammy and Yves both had one bratwurt/one knockwurst and Mark got the Weinerschnitzel (although he meant to order the Jaegerschnitzel). My dish came with a side of home fried potatoes so I shared that with Sienna, although she ate a pickle!

We didn’t think she would like the pickle but she ate it! Of course after I put the camera away, she gave the sour face. After lunch we went to the Eddie’s Sweet shop down the road from Trader Joe’s that me and Sienna went to last time. That was what I was really looking forward to!! Me and Tammy both got banana with hot fudge and whipped cream (homemade!) but Tammy also got marshmallow on hers. Mark got a root beer float (made from syrup not root beer soda! Impressive!) and Yves shared butter pecan with Sienna. YUM!!

Tammy’s with the oozing marshmallow!

Mine not so oozing

Sienna loves ice cream!

The happy couple!

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