Joes, Pizza & Ice Cream!


Last Wednesday me and Sienna went over to Trader Joe’s to do some shopping. Instead of rushing home for lunch, I asked my friend Tammy for some good dining options for me and Sienna. She gave me an awesome brick oven pizza place and an awesome old fashioned ice cream parlor all on the same block as Joe’s! Who would have known? I was torn between which place to go but the ice cream parlor made that decision for me by not being open! They were so super nice at the pizza place! It was my first time eating out with Sienna in a hi-chair. We would usually stop off at more casual places for lunch and she would stay in her stroller. It wasn’t bad and she was so good when we went to the bathroom together! I forgot to take a picture of the pizza but here is Sienna enjoying a snack while we wait (which wasn’t much of a wait since it came out super fast!)


And since the ice cream parlor was just a few blocks away, we decided to check on it. It was open! Yay! I shared a banana ice cream cone with her. The ice cream was delicious and home made! YUM! This may have to be a regular stop after going to Joe’s! (please leave a comment or e-mail me for password)

Banana Ice Cream from Lisa on Vimeo.
Her very first taste of this ice cream yielded a face 5x as funny as the one in this video.


  1. jungy
    May 6th, 2008 | 9:40 pm

    I definitely need to check out both of those places…how often do you trek out to Joe’s? Perhaps I can meet you two for an ice cream… : )

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