Yay! I finished the Flower Power Rug! I actually finished this last weekend. It took about a month of evening crocheting. I think it came out nice! Not exactly like the photo they show in their pattern but it’s got character! It is now in Sienna’s room by her crib.

I also started and finished another project! Can you believe that? I bought myself a set of ergonomical hooks since I’ve been crocheting a lot and I swear, I think I pulled a muscle in my right arm from doing the rug. So the set came in this case that is not my style, so I made a new one from this pattern!



It doesn’t fit all my hooks, like the fatter ones, only because I have my old hooks in there too. I might make another one and just make it wider with a few more pockets. I’m just so happy I did it! My next planned project is a shopping cart cover! I bought the pattern off of ebay and this was the only pattern I found that had a review of it and the reviewer said it was easy for a beginner to do. Still, I’m going to do a practice run first with some sheets. Wish me luck!

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