Still hooking!

My re-interest in crocheting has not yet waned and I was excited to try a different kind of scarf (for me) from a pattern at crochet me. I would have prefered a darker yarn but after first starting with black and then brown, decided pink was the easiest to deal with so I can see the stitches since I had to count! Skippy models it here:
I really liked how it came out and maybe I will wear it but would prefer to give it to someone who likes pink scarves so if you know anyone, let me know!

So I came across this really cute rug that I wanted to try. Quite an ambitious project for me but I really liked the colors and the cute flowers. It didn’t seem so hard after looking over the pattern so I bought all the yarn I needed online. I had a few problems in the beginning and wanted to get it right from the start so had to pull it out a few times. I swear I tried it like 10 times and couldn’t get it right so I wrote to Bernat with my problem. Well, really complaining that their pattern can’t possibly be right! haha! They made me realize I was wrong and I was counting a stitch that I wasn’t supposed to be. Look how many I’ve made now!

8 more motifs to go! Here are a couple of close ups. Aren’t the colors great?orangemotifblog.jpggreenmotifblog.jpg
If I manage to finish this project, I plan to make this!


  1. Carol Menou a.k.a. Grandma
    February 26th, 2008 | 2:35 pm

    Just love Auntie Natalie’s green sweater. It looks great on Sienna. What a nice colour. It suits her perfectly. Congrats on your crocheting. Its going to be beautiful when its finished. Love the pink scarf. Skippy models it well..

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