Chimney Rock, NC

We headed to Chimney Rock in the morning!
Pointing to the top of Chimney Rock. It doesn’t look that high. The elevator was broken but we weren’t even thinking of using the elevator!
The view!
It was a bit cloudy and that was a good thing. The sun had come out briefly and you felt the heat. That was rough!
Oh! The stairs!
Made it! It was beautiful. You can go up higher and that’s what I did to take this photo. Sienna and Yves are there on the rock.
Do you see the devil’s head in the background?
Taking an apple break. It was about lunch time and went back to the cabin to have some. Once you buy your ticket, you are able to come and go so decided not to rush it. We saw a deer when we got back to the cabin!
After lunch, we went back to the park and it began to rain. That’s ok! We have ponchos just for that!
We made it to the falls!

They have a total of 5 trails. We did the Great Woodland Adventure (kids trail-so easy), Outcroppings trail (the one that leads to the rock), the Skyline Trail (that leads to Devil’s Head and Exclamation Point, where we took the apple break) and Hickory Nut Falls Trail (waterfall). We didn’t do the Four Seasons Trail as it looked a bit steep.

For dinner, we went into the little town and ate at RiverWatch Grill (standard fare) and took a walk along the river afterwards.

After ice cream, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the cabin. I was enjoying the jacuzzi tub a lot! We really felt the hike in our legs the next day! And we picked a good day for the hike as the following days were really muggy and sunny.

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