NC bound!

Heading down to North Carolina as part of a 2 week vacation down South! About 5 days in North Carolina and then a week at Myrtle Beach! We left on the 19th around 9:45 am. We didn’t rush since we were just going to stop in Virginia and stay in a hotel with a pool. I really wanted to stop in MD at this Butterfly Conservatory but found out it was closed for 2014 due to construction! Waaah! Then I discovered this Safari Park in VA that sounded like a ton of fun! (Six Flags Great Adventure used to have a drive thru safari but not anymore!) But nixed that idea because it was a long drive to get to for one night. And it was sort of out of the way. So it was a hotel and indoor pool for us! We stopped off for lunch in Swedesboro, NJ and ate at The Red Hen. A Yelp find and very tasty!
Sienna was just happy to get to a hotel with a pool! It took a little longer to get there than we expected due to road construction. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Woodstock, VA. It was your standard Hampton Inn and down the road was a Wal-Mart supercenter opened 24 hours! We also ate dinner at Cracker Barrel because it was right next door.

After having the breakfast at Hampton Inn, we continued our journey. We stopped off for lunch at Beamers 25 in Roanoke, VA, another Yelp find. O.M.G. DELICIOUS!! We ordered Frank’s fries, which include garlic and truffle oil. Yves got a Reuben burger (burgers are what they are known for) and it looked delicious. Regrettably, I ordered their chicken breast sandwich, which was ok but not as tasty as Yves’ burger (which I got to taste!)

And we finally made it to North Carolina!

We finally make it to the cabin around 6-6:30. The last couple of hours seemed forever since we weren’t driving on a major road. We got to our cabin and it was really cute. A 2 bedroom with a whirlpool in the main bedroom, a small kitchen and bathroom, a tiny table and a tiny tv. But there was a deck! More on the cabin in later posts.

We went to check out the little town, the lake and the beach. We probably had the worst meal of our trip there, at a Mexican Restaurant called El Lago. A bad meal was bound to happen!

After dinner, we went food shopping at a supermarket called Ingles. We were expecting a little grocery store (considering the small town) but it was a full fledged supermarket! We let Sienna pick out a breakfast cereal, since it was vacation, and of course she picked the worst (although they are all bad!)

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