Luna Park July 2014

Coney Island fun!

RollerCoasterFront Sienna scored the front row and I told her it was the best seat. No one wanted to sit up front with her so she sat alone. After the ride, they all ran to get in line again and they all wanted to ride the front row! They ran back on line about 3 times, each taking turns sitting in front.

HighSwing I wouldn’t let Sienna ride on this but she certainly wanted to!

Airplane Sylvie and Nico did not want to ride this because it turned upside down. Sienna wanted to ride it and was surprised that she was willing to ride it on her own. I was so proud of her! It was funny that she ended up in the same car as a couple where the guy was terrified of the ride. His girlfriend and Sienna were laughing at him.

The Tickler!

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