No photos for this, just a post to remind me of this time. Hopefully I can read back on this post and remember how it was (meaning this phase is over and not continuing!) I went to Sienna’s open house last week. Parents were invited to sit in on their child’s class for a couple of hours. Me and Jessica were there, as well as Marta (Emily’s mom), Sammie (twin’s mom) and Joanna’s mom (I can’t remember her name!) After sitting in for 2 hours (and noting how very little Sienna participated although I was happy she raised her hand a lot during science!), I made sure I said good bye. In the back of my head I was wondering if she would get upset. I believe that when I went to the open house last year, she was ok and the year prior, when she was in Pre-K, she got sad. Fair enough, she was younger then. Since she didn’t get sad last year, I was hoping she grew out of that. No such luck. I find out from Emma that she cried for me. I didn’t say anything to Sienna until we were home and asked her if anything happened. She told me she was sad and cried and told the teacher she was sad that I left. Ok. I was a little sad that that happened but figured she will get over it. Still going on!! Argh! Sometimes she tells me she keeps thinking about the picture in her head of when I was waving good bye as I walked out the door and she would get sad. Sometimes Emma tells me. Now she is starting to cry at drop off in the morning. Not sure what is going on.

*Edited to add. A month later and crying at drop off is still going on. Mondays are the worst and usually gets better by the end of the week but not always. We even started trying to meet up with Emma in the morning. It doesn’t seem to make a difference. She is always fine at pick up after school. I think it might be that she is worried that something will happen to me and/or Yves while she is in school. She had mentioned months ago ( a couple of times) that she is afraid to grow old and die and that she doesn’t want me or Yves to grow up and die. Breaks my heart that a six year old would be thinking about that stuff. I bought the book, “What to do if you worry too much”. It seems to help a bit but she still cries in the morning. Still waiting for this phase to pass…

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