So the day started off normally. Walked Sienna to school, did some exercises in the basement and was getting ready to do some shopping at the market. I walk toward the car in the driveway when I stop dead in my tracks. A freaking oppossum was sleeping in the driveway! And it looked pretty darn big! I quietly get into the car and hope that it wakes up and leaves by the time I get back home. Of course, not before I took a picture of it and posted it on my FB page! HA!

First photo.

First photo. Doesn’t it look like it’s sleeping to you?

While shopping, I check some of the comments from the photo. A friend asked if I was sure it was sleeping….Shit! It didn’t even dawn on me that it might be dead! Another friend posted an article of how some “genius” city official thought it was a great idea to bring in oppossums to take care of the city’s rat problem. Now there are just as many oppossums as there are rats! The articles were back in 2010 so I am actually surprised this was my first run in.

So, lo and behold, the rat oppossum, was still there in the same exact position. Of course, this didn’t stop me from parking the car as far away from it in the driveway! From the top view, with the position of it’s back leg, he was definitely deceased!


After a call to 311, I find out that since it is on private property and shows no signs of it having rabies (like how would I know anyway? It was dead!), I had to dispose of it myself. I needed to put a sign on the bag stating there was a dead animal in there so the DOT can cremate it. Yeah, ok.

I was not going to put myself through the trauma of disposing it so I waited for Yves to come home. Of course, I recorded it, as requested by Laura, at a safe distance away.

Getting rid of the Oppossum from Lisa on Vimeo.

Sienna wrote the sign.

Sienna wrote the sign.

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