Sienna turns 6!

Well, she turned 6 on March 12. We didn’t throw a big party for her, like we did last year, because we bought her a loft bed instead. We went to the showroom at the end of January at Bedroom Source. It came the Saturday before her birthday! She loves it!

We had a birthday celebration at school and that was her party. It was a half day due to Parent/Teacher meetings so we came during her lunch (which is at 10:30!) and brought pizza (reheated from last night since no pizzeria is open at 10:30) and ice cream cones. Yves took off from work and came too.
Here’s a quick video of the class singing to her. Of course, I wasn’t ready so I missed the beginning! Password is bday.


Posing with her teacher.

She was a very good helper the night before with the goody bags for her class. She had filled them herself and here she is applying tape to the back of the tags for me. I made the tags with my Silhouette Cameo. I also made her shirt with the Cameo!

And since her birthday was on a half day of school, we took her buddies to see the movie Escape From Planet Earth. We also went to the movies last year (and saw The Lorax.)

Since I knew she was having a school celebration, we did the family celebration on Sunday. My dad asked her what kind of cake she wanted and she requested cheesecake! I wasn’t expecting that! Of course, they got it at the Chinese Bakery and they had it decorated all fancy. Never saw a cheesecake like that!

My parents bought her an EZyroller. Sienna had seen it last week when we went to visit Tammy and her clan. Zack has one in blue and Sienna kept riding it so we thought it would be a great thing to ask for for her birthday from Grandpa and Grandma!
Don’t let the look on her face fool you! It’s really easy to ride, I was just taking a gazillion photos of her and she was getting annoyed. Paparazzi!

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