Easter Eggs!

Marine Park had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids a week before Easter. I thought it would be fun to take Sienna. They did a pretty good job with organizing it. We ran into Emma and Leah with their grandparents and joined them on the line so that saved us from going to the back of the line. Each kid got a limit of 5 eggs to find. In each egg was a slip of paper with either small prize or medium prize written on it. You can only pick 1 prize to redeem so obviously if you had a medium prize, you would redeem that one. Well, all Sienna’s eggs had small prize in them but a kind dad gave us one of his medium prized eggs. I guess his kid found 2 eggs with medium prize. The majority of the medium prizes were candy and she picked chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. The small prizes were mostly paper stuff so I’m glad she didn’t get more of that junk! They had 2 bouncy slides and face painting. It was quite windy and we didn’t dress as warmly as we should have.
Running to ger the eggs
Sienna picked a heart
On Good Friday, I invited Sienna’s best buddies and their mom’s over for some Easter Egg dying in the “back yard.” I ordered pizza for lunch. It was a little bit chilly but the kids had fun.

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