Samy & Sabine!

Yves’ cousin, Samy, and his wife Sabine came for a visit last week from France. They live in Brittany, by the sea. This was Sabine’s first time in New York and they did all the usual touristy things. I met them for the first time on Wednesday. My dad came over to watch Sienna and I met everyone at the restaurant, Da Andrea. It was a wonderful time! The food was delicious and the 2 bottles of wine were devine! Sorry I don’t have any photos of the food but I do remember that I got the tower of grilled vegetables with goat cheese for appetizer, the squid ink taglioni with fresh clams for entreé and chocolate gelato for dessert. Samy and Sabine are such good people and it was very easy to talk with them. They sent us off with loads of crepés for Yves and a huge box of macarons for me! And a cute outfit for Sienna. So generous! They were leaving Saturday night so we invited them over our place so they could meet Sienna. We took them to Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was a super windy day, up to 60 mph! But sunny! We had lunch at Bubby’s, where I had one of the best sandwiches I had in a long time (THE PILGRIM – roasted turkey, cranberries, stuffing and cream cheese on housemade sourdough bread)! We walked around a bit but probably not as much as we could have because of the wind. Then, before heading back to the house, we swung by Coney Island just to show them. I felt it was colder by then so it was a super quick trip. Back at the house, we had coffee and cocoa and the banana bread I made that morning. Yves drove them to the airport with promises of visiting them in France soon. They will be back in August with their son and entourage so we will be seeing them again in no time. Sienna enjoyed their company as well and said to me that it was very nice that they came.
MMMMM macarons! NOM NOM NOM. They are all gone now.
Group shot!
By my favorite bridge
Sienna’s point of view! (I should have given her a camera for the day!)
Sienna and Sabine running
On the wall
Squinty by Coney Island

We sent them off with some gifts of our own. We bought a Brooklyn t-shirt for Simon and a notepad with a colorful Manhattan skyline on the cover as well as a couple of handmade items. I made Sabine an S pendant and a set of NY coasters from my photos.


  1. carol menou
    February 29th, 2012 | 1:26 pm

    I checked your blog every day and was so happy to read this morning about Samy and Sabine’s visit to NY. You guys seem to have had a great time and I absolutely love the photos and the gifts you made.. The macaroons look yummy.. DId Yves eat all his crepes already??
    Sienna is a budding photographer!!!

  2. sabine
    August 2nd, 2012 | 7:20 am

    Thank you for all these beautiful photos.
    I’m very happy to meet all your family in two weeks.
    I check your blog and there is attractive photos showing so much happiness !!! great
    Take care
    see you soon

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