I {heart} you!

Ever the procrastinator, Sienna and I worked on her class Valentines today. We also worked on special treats just for her best buds, Vinny and Emma, pink chocolate covered sandwich cookies.
I loved this idea when I saw it last year and finally did it. These are for her classmates.
siennavalcookies.jpgSienna had a lot of fun making these with me. She was a great sprinkle adder.

I joined a bunch of Valentine themed swaps. This one was for A Piece of My Heart swap. I pulled out my Melting Pot and Ultra Thick Embossing Powder (UTEE) and some rubber stamps and started playing. I got the idea from this video on youtube.
uteeheartearrings.jpguteeheartpin.jpguteeheartpendant.jpguteeheart.jpgThis one was for a handmade heart swap. The birds and small heart were die cut using my Sizzix. I hand cut the big heart and free handed the love. I added fabric stiffener to the back of the heart, which is why it’s curved on the edges.

lovebirdsheartemb.jpgheartfoampaperclips.jpgSome simple heart embellished paper clips.
initialheartpendants.jpgInitial heart pendants. Initials cut by my Cameo using vinyl.

And here are a bunch of cards I did for card swaps:
loveheartpearlcard.jpghangingheartscard.jpgkissingkidscard.jpg (I absolutely adore the kissing kids from the Silhouette store!)

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