First Day of School

I know that Sienna’s first day of school was over a month ago and things have been going really well so didn’t want to jinx it by posting too early. She actually says she likes school!! Practically everyday that we would walk across the street to nursery school last semester, she would tell me she doesn’t like school. From practically the first day of this new school, she would wake me up in the morning by asking if we can go to school now. At 6:30 in the morning. The first few days there were issues with walking the 3 blocks home, where she wouldn’t want to walk home. Things are better now, thank goodness. Don’t know what that was all about. And while lately, she hasn’t been waking me up to go to school, she is still happy to go!
It is now part of the routine to walk over the bump everyday going to and from school. The bump is from the Hurricane Irene back in late August when a tree fell over and uprooted the sidewalk. Almost 2 months later and it still hasn’t been fixed!

She instantly became friends with a girl we had met when we were at the school to register, back in June. Her name is Emma. She is also friends with a boy named Vinny and usually the 3 of them play in the playground if it is nice after school (or even when it’s not so nice out!) and I get to hang out with the moms for some adult talk!
Playing with chalk on a sunny day
Playing Simon Says, it had just stopped raining! Do you see Vinny’s butt all wet? They had just finished running around the whole playground and Vinny was sitting on the play areas!

A self portrait!

I’m happy that she has a chance to run and play after school. It helps the time go by since she gets out of school so early. I have a bunch of craft kits in the arsenal to pull out for the winter, when it’s too cold for the playground. I hope that they will be adequate substitutes!

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