Summer Crafts 2

I joined a superheroine swap and found out my partner likes She-Ra. I thought it was quite convenient as Sienna is really into She-Ra too (yay for Netflix streaming!) I suppose I should also link this photo too!
Made for a swap and sent to a Gone With The Wind fan. I guess I should watch that movie one day!
Cut the elephant with my Silhouette. I really like how this came out!
This is one of my favorites! It was for an Etsy inspiration swap where you check out your partner’s Etsy favorites list and make something inspired by something on their list. Being a fan of zombies, I really wanted to make this or something similiar. Of course, the original item is laser cut from stainless steel! I made mine with paper, vinyl and UV resin! I’ve done something similar a couple of times before, see here, here and here. And at first, I attempted to do the same way, cut several pieces out with paper and layer them together with glue. It wasn’t working out. Too many details and the Silhouette could not cut cleanly on the paper. I almost gave up. Then I though of vinyl! Or course, that would mean I couldn’t make the middle see through as I had to lay the vinyl on something! So I used red glitter paper to cut a frame, put the vinyl on top (which cut perfectly!) and then decided to coat it with Magic Glos. I’m not totally happy with how the hole for the jump ring got messed up and that is definitely something I will be extra careful with for the next one! My partner loved it!
I decided to use vinyl again for these hummingbirds since the beak is so small and delicate. I used dimensional fabric paint to make the flowers. I really like how they came out. By the way, this is 2 pendants that I made into one double sided one.
This was also for the Etsy inspire swap for the same person that got the zombie pendant. I am also a big fan of anatomical hearts so I carved one for myself as well!
Wall vinyl for the last item for the Etsy inspire swap. Just in time for Halloween!
Bookmarks! The one with beads is strung onto elastic cord. The top right is ribbon and the bottom right is scrapbook paper.
I saw this idea on pinterest (btw, totally love pinterest!) but on a bracelet so I adjusted it for these old earrings I had. Well, after this, I am totally addicted to doing macramé! More projects with macramé this to come!
When I saw this tutorial on Honestly…WTF (love that blog name too!), I couldn’t wait to give it a try! I plan on making more!

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