Grandma visits

Yves’ mom came for a visit in August and stayed with us for a week. She was actually here for 2 days in July but that was really a stopover before heading to France to meet the Chopards at Il de Seine for 3 weeks. Sienna took to her right away! That was a relief! I wasn’t sure how she would be because the last time my mother in law was here, it took a couple of days for Sienna to warm up to her. Yves and I even went out on a date! Dinner AND a movie! In the city! We don’t usually venture too far when my dad watches her but I think she is old enough to be able to handle grandpa! Anyway, I digress. We went shopping at Ikea on Long Island one day, grandma took Sienna to the playground while I got my hair done, we went to Coney Island, we went to the Bronx Zoo and did more shopping! Not necessarily in that order! Here are some highlights:
Sienna likes the pretty dress Grandma bought from Jamaica!
Grandma takes us out to lunch at Johnny Rockets at the Broadway Mall. Cute braids courtesy of Grandma!
The “face”
Coney Island!
Skeeball (at 75 cents a game! WHAT?!)
I used to love Tilt-a-Whirl when I was younger too. Now Sienna loves it. (photo by grandma)
a trip to Coney Island isn’t complete without going to Nathan’s!
Yves’ cousin, David, comes by.
With the giraffes at the Bronx Zoo. Sienna was grumpy from walking and being hot.
Another famous face!

Here’s a funny video I took of Sienna while we were shopping in Kohl’s with grandma. This was in July. (Taken with my Ipad2)

Entertaining herself at Kohl’s from Lisa on Vimeo.

I got some fun animal photos while at the zoo. I’d like to do another post on that.


  1. carol menou aka grandma
    September 7th, 2011 | 3:21 pm


    Nice to look back at my NY vacation..It was a very happy time for me as I could really bond with one of my granddaughters who I see very rarely so it was fabulous. I love you Sienna and thanks to Mom and Dad for a great week.

    All my love

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