Late January Crafts

I’ve run out of “clever” blog titles so just using the timeline for now!
This was for a Valentine Earring swap. Once I read my partner’s profile, this design came to mind. I searched for the right image via Google and finally found this. I did the auto trace with my Silhouette machine and made a couple of tweaks with the design. I did a little back and forth with the initials but liked how it ended up. This one is the most intricate design so far with the layered paper. My first one was so simple! The second one was a little more detailed. There were a few minor details that I wasn’t very happy with but overall I think it came out nice. I also made my partner an extra pair since I wasn’t sure how well the other would hold up.
I actually made these as the original 2nd pair to send my partner but because I am not very good at wire wrapping, the force I was using to wire wrap was weakening the loop of the heart (which is wooden) so it was starting to chip off. I didn’t think they would last so I kept it for myself and as predicted one fell off when I wore them yesterday for Valentine’s day.
Made for the Wacky Holiday/February swap. These handmade catnip mice were for Be Nice to Your Pet day.
The following cards were for the same swap and made for the Send a Card to a Friend day. I used my Sizzix and some embossing folders and made a “faux” letterpress. A bit messy but I really liked how they came out! These were done with Cuttlebug folders and I also did some with Sizzix folders (which were not for a swap and I did not take a photo of them!) I prefer doing this technique with the Sizzix as they emboss deeper. This was a lot of fun!
I decided to use the non faux letterpress side since it got a little sloppy.

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