Nom Nom New Year

We rang out 2010 with a big feast and welcomed 2011 with a big feast!

My friends Jana and Allen invited us over for a 5 course dinner on New Year’s Eve. It was nice to get together without the kids around (they are the parents of Emma and Leah seen here) I haven’t eaten that late or stayed up past midnight in awhile! Allen did all the cooking and he did a great job. I do regret not taking a photo of our wonderful hosts but hey, here’s the food (priorities!)

1st course!
I believe Allen might have said these were veal meatballs but honestly, I wasn’t listening to him because I was so hungry. LOL
2nd course!
Because of Allen, I now add sliced almonds and avocados to our salad! MMMM
3rd course!
I think this speaks for itself!
4th course!
Juicy, tender pork! MMMMM
I’m sure the brownie on the left is great on it’s own but totally got overshadowed by the awesome apple cake on the right!
I also forgot to take a photo of the sparkling wine we brought over to toast in the new year. Allen and Jana don’t drink so it was fun to see Jana get a little tipsy after a few sips. We should have opened the wine earlier! LOL

My dad stayed over to watch Sienna (although there wasn’t any watching since he came over when she went to bed) so we took him and my mom to dim sum on New Year’s day. We usually go to East Harbor for dim sum but decided to check out Bamboo Garden for a change (we’ve been there before but not in awhile.) It’s not as good as East Harbor but they have some different things that East Harbor doesn’t have. I was pleasantly surprised that they serve Shanghai soup dumplings! MMMM! I’ve been craving them since the big blizzard put the kabosh on our Chinatown soup dumpling outing! The meat part of the dumpling tasted good but sadly there was no soup in the soup dumpling! (I still ate like 6 of them!)
soup dumpling
Veggie dumping (the skin was too thick and chewy)
Sienna’s favorite, Shumai
Taro Dumpling
Har Gow aka shrimp dumplings
I’m not sure what this is really called but I call it chow fun rolls. I’ve only seen it here and it’s quite tasty. I think we got this twice!
Dumpling soup, it was just eh but it’s something I don’t usually see so I wanted to try it.
The bill. $37 for 4 and a half people. Pretty good! There was more we ate that I didn’t take photos of. After a certain point, I just forgot and just stuffed myself!


  1. jungy
    January 14th, 2011 | 6:57 pm

    Mmmmmm…this all looks good! So when is the next Chinatown outing (for either dim sum or soup dumplings)?

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