Lighting the Winter Gloom

Here is Iron Craft’s first challenge! Lighting the Winter Gloom. I came across this tutorial for Epsom Salt Luminaries a day or two before reading about the Iron Craft challenge so when I saw what the first challenge was, I knew I wanted to do these!

I could only find 2 glasses that seemed good to use but only made 1 because I couldn’t get all the goo from the label off one just yet. I am definitely going to make more! I really love lighting candles in the autumn and winter months but put them all away when Sienna was first born. Easy to stay out of trouble that way. Then I just never pulled them out again. I will now!
Got all my supplies together. The Epsom Salt is to the right and did not make the photo. I could not find the food coloring (where did I put them??) so I used alcohol ink instead.
I ended up putting a couple of drops in and next time I will put even more drops in as the color is really subtle when it’s on the glass. I also added in lavender glitter although it’s hard to tell.
All covered up. See how subtle the color is? There is a bit of sparkle that is easier to see in real life
All lit up! I actually still have to spray some sealer on it but wanted to get my photo into the Iron Craft flickr pool today!


  1. jungy
    January 7th, 2011 | 5:55 pm

    Looks like something that should be filled with margarita. ; )

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