Last of the 2010 crafts!

Our holiday card this year. I used my Silhouette machine. Have I mentioned how much I dig that machine?
This was another holiday card I made for the Brooklyn Bride Christmas card swap. Also using my Silhouette. I realized after the fact that I should have made this a vertical card (I already wrote the sentiment inside for a horizontal card) as it has a hard time standing up.
As a graphic designer, I always used Quark as my layout program. I have used it for many years so obviously knew a lot of shortcuts so I was reluctant to make the switch over to Indesign. Learning that they have scripts may help me make the switch! They have a calendar script and made setting up this calendar so easy! I usually just make a calendar on one of those photo sites and get extras to give as presents to Sienna’s grandparents but not anymore!!
Spread out
All hung up! I perforated the top of each page so it would be easy to rip off.

Remember the advent calendar I made for Sienna? Well, one of the little presents was to make a Belle doll. As of right now, Belle is her favorite princess and the disney site has a few princess crafts and the 3D doll is one of them. I used my Silhouette again! They have a new auto trace feature and it cut everything out perfectly (way better than if I did it by hand!) Have I mentioned how much I dig that machine? Too bad I couldn’t get the machine to fold it up and glue it as that was a tad more challenging than I anticipated! Here she is posing with it (lately, she has been into posing with funny faces. Wonder where she learned that from?)
And Belle gets played with a lot. This was about the 3rd time I glued her top back (and she is currently on my craft table right now waiting to be fixed again!)
These next few things are Christmas presents I made for Sienna’s teachers. Mrs. D is the main teacher, Mrs. V is the assistant and Mrs. C is the helper when one of them is out. I made all 3 gift bags, tags and boxes with the Silhouette. Did I mention how much I dig that machine? 🙂
For Mrs. D., Sienna picked this butterfly.
I used Japanese chiyogami paper for the back (I love that paper especially the ones with metallic in it. I’m not sure if that is called something different.)
For Mrs. V.
For Mrs. C.
I made this bag for the winner of the Bingo game I hosted in a group on swap-bot. Her profile mentioned she wanted to learn embroidery so this is a starter kit. I included the first instruction booklet I got since I don’t need it anymore and also made her a zine of Alice in Wonderland freebies to embroider. Included inside the bag are needles, transfer pen, hoop, box of thread, tracing paper and floss bobbins. The pattern for the bag is from Sew What! Bags. I just mailed this off today so I hope she doesn’t see this!
A fabric bookmark from Pretty Little Presents.
I saw this tutorial online to make these cd rosettes and thought they were so pretty. I’m not sure about mine but it was fun.
And rounding off the creativeness, some birthday present shirts for Sienna’s friends (using the Silhouette!). This first two was actually made a bit ago but for some reason I just didn’t give it to Leah until recently and poor Sylvie still hasn’t gotten hers.
Samantha’s shirt
Daniel’s shirt and the first time I put something on the back!


  1. jungy
    January 4th, 2011 | 8:42 pm

    Hey, cool holiday cards! Did one get sent to me? Because it hasn’t arrived yet… : (

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