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I bought a Silhouette Machine back in September! There were a whole bunch of blogs hosting giveaways of the machine and I had entered every one of them. Needless to say, I did not win. I tried to convince myself I didn’t need one but then discovered that Overstock had a great price on it plus I had a $10 coupon and with $3 shipping, well, welcome to your new home!

When I bought the machine, their software wasn’t compatible with Mac just yet but they were supposed to release the software around the same time (they were a little delayed.) There was a plug-in to use it with Adobe Illustrator so I was using that for a bit. I was really excited when the software came out because then I was also able to shop the store for shapes! There were some glitches in the software and I was pleasantly surprised that contacting customer service was a nice experience! They responded pretty quickly and put me in direct contact with the programmers of the software. I helped them test out different versions of the software so the machine got a bit of a workout early on. That’s a good thing, tho! It helped me get used to the machine. Here are some projects I did with it.

thankyoucards.jpg hellocards.jpghbcards.jpg
One of my first projects was making this card set for a swap. Pretty simple stuff but I was still feeling the machine out. I used the sketch pens for the thank you card on the right.

I made this with vinyl for Sienna’s door. It’s a tad bit crooked because I didn’t use transfer tape to help it on.

I made this shirt for Hailey’s birthday.

These were for Emily and Olivia’s birthday. I wanted to do a different design but my brain wasn’t functioning (I was just starting to get sick!)

Christmas tags for a swap

I’m really happy with how this came out! This was for an Etsy inspire swap. You look on your partner’s Etsy faves and create something inspired by their faves. I hadn’t intended to outright copy it but when I saw it on my partner’s list, the Silhouette was the first thing I thought of. I did this by layering paper and coating it. Here is the original item, which is made from recycled vinyl record, pretty cool in itself!

This is for a recipe swap on the Silhouette users Yahoo group. I cut out the tag, the snowflake and the title with the machine. I used the sketch pens to write out the title and also for the hors d’oeuvres written on the snowflake.

This was also for the Etsy inspire swap. My partner had Paris bookmarks on her list so I made her bookmarks with photos from my honeymoon in Paris (bookmarks will be shown in another post). The holder was also cut out and was intended to be used as a money holder and I cut out the Eiffel Tower in the middle.

This one held photos of Paris and I used the cut out from the previous item and glued it on here!

I used the Silhouette to cut out this GS logo (my partner is a Junior GS leader) and used it to etch it on the glass ornament. I suppose I could have left it as is but I used alcohol inks to give it some color. It was so much fun! I have 2 more glass ornaments that I am definitely going to do something similiar (not with the GS logo tho!)

This was the latest item I made. Sienna somehow got grease stains on this shirt and although this logo doesn’t cover all the stains, I figured you would be distracted by the logo to notice the stains! HA! The pink is neon and I think I had the iron too hot so it melted it just a tad. That is why there is a little white around the pink. I’m very happy with it just the same!


  1. November 24th, 2010 | 6:21 am

    now i want a Silhouette too! maybe i’ll ask Santa for one! you made so many things with it! and i’m glad to hear that you got it to work with your MAC. we have a MacBook too, so i think i would have problems too. but i’m here to comment on the NECKLACE! 🙂 i love it! thank you for making it for me! and the Paris photos are very beautiful… you spoiled me. so, thank you again!

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