We took Sienna to see the circus over Labor Day weekend earlier this month. They have a special show at Coney Island. I debated about going for ethical reasons but after reading Water for Elephants, I was really in the mood for the circus. (Incidentally, PBS will be broadcasting a documentary on the Big Apple Circus in November that I am really excited to see!) Plus I wanted to give Sienna the opportunity to at least experience the circus while she is still young enough to enjoy it. Well, that was a laugh! She fell asleep after the first 45 minutes! Granted it started right at her nap time (when she was still taking naps!) and she was a bit sick with a cough. Poor thing.

First, we missed the meeting of the animals before the show. Me and Yves were so bummed! That was what we were looking forward to! Good thing we didn’t mention it to Sienna. So we let Sienna ride the bouncy slides that they had in the tent. There was also the bouncy house but she liked the slide better. It was unlimited sliding for $5. She got our money’s worth. Honestly, she could have done that the whole day and forget the circus and she would still be happy. Sometimes it’s just the simple things that make her so happy.


We didn’t know what to expect at this venue but we didn’t realize how small and close we were going to be to the ring. Of course, in hindsight, it only makes sense that there is just one ring (as opposed to 3 at Madison Square Garden.) There were about 3 clowns there with 2 being the more traditional type and the 3rd being a modern day one (no clown makeup.) I guess he was for the older kids because Sienna took more to the traditional clowns (which they didn’t really showcase as much as the modern one! Another bummer!)

We treated her big time with sugar and got her some cotton candy that came with a wizard hat. Needless to say she loved the cotton candy! Who’d thought she would fall asleep with all that sugar in her but she did! Right before the cat lady came out!

We woke her up after intermission when the lions came out. Honestly, it was kind of a snore.


Maybe I’m too old for the circus or maybe because Sienna fell asleep but I was disappointed in the circus. But my favorite by far were the elephants. I think I can watch them all day.


  1. September 27th, 2010 | 4:45 pm

    this troop was definitely the “C” Troop. It like where you start when you want to work at the circus. They weren’t quite there yet. the cat lady was hilarious though. who knew you could train a cat!!

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