I made some t-shirts recently and they were so much fun!

As part of a going away present for Geneva and Co. I made them all Brooklyn shirts (ya know, in case they forgot where they moved from or also to let those Maine people know they are tough!) I pulled out the ColorArtz again (first time here and then here). I love using it and plan to use it more often (I just bought a big can of air too!). I learned my lesson the 2 previous times and really taped around the stencil (I used freezer paper) and used plenty of scrap paper. I did not get any overspray. I used a different color for each person. I even made one for Lennox but it is a bit big for her right now. I had grand ideas of putting a few images on the shirts but I was afraid it would be overkill so just kept it simple instead.
The gray one is for Layne. I couldn’t find a white pocketless T.

I also made a t-shirt for Nico’s birthday and finally put the t-shirt vinyl to good use. I bought a sample kit from Craft Vinyl and I love it! So easy to work with and I just noticed that he now has glitter and glow in the dark t-shirt vinyl! Fun! When I first bought it, I had a question and he had me call him on his 800 number to help me out. He is super nice!

Traced out the letters and cut them out.
I ironed them on and once cooled, peeled off the protective layer. It’s really easy to get off.
Nico likes robots so I stenciled a robot on the bottom. I had in mind to try out the new Earth Safe Finishes kit for the stencil but when I mixed it up, it seemed too watery to hold up so opted to go with the gocco fabric paint (tried and tested!). I plan on doing some tests with the Earth Safe Finishes for another post. I did use the Tackifier included in the kit to hold down the stencil. That worked really well and much better than using the stencil spray. nicoshirtdonesienna.jpg

You can see Phoenix and Nico wearing their shirts in my Hugs post.


  1. jungy
    July 9th, 2010 | 1:11 pm

    Nico’s shirt came out AWESOME. I love it!

  2. July 9th, 2010 | 2:04 pm

    Those t-shirts came out perfectly! nice work! (and your model in the last photos is adorable!!)

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