Stuff It!

I’ve joined some stuffie swaps back in March!
2 Easter Egg Ornaments I crochet. The pattern on the left is here and the pattern on the right is here.

I made 2 Lucky Ducks for 2 different swaps! A Spring Critter swap and Plushie Love. These were so cute and I think I will enlarge the pattern if I make this again. Which I might because Sienna thought they were really cute too. Here is how long the legs are (I might have went a bit crazy on that!)
This is for itty bitty critter and it’s hiding place. I crocheted a white rabbit and made a hole for him to go down a la Alice in Wonderland. My partner is also a fan of photobooth shots so this little rabbit went to the photobooth first (forgot to take a shot of that!)

These following ones were for the Softies Galore swap. You have five partners to make little stuffies for! I got a little overwhelmed with them since I wanted them to be profile based plus I procrastinated just a bit!
Birdie from the Puchi Collective
Lucky cat from nuno-runo
Hippo from The Cute book I got from the library!
2 partners liked witches/Halloween so I made 2 different versions. From one of my Japanese felt books.

This one is for a Kawaii monster swap. You had to create your own monster. I got inspiration from the Invasion of the Plush Monster book (also from the library!)

In other crafty news, I’m doing pretty well with the April Stash Bust challenge as far as not buying new craft supplies. I’ll be writing a separate post about that as well as the craft it forward I’m involved in.


  1. Jungy
    April 12th, 2010 | 4:50 pm

    Yeah, the legs may be a tad long on the ducks. Lol. But they are cute!

    And I love the crazy eyes on your monster.

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