A BD party!

Today was Sienna’s birthday party to celebrate her 3rd year here! The weather couldn’t have been worse (well, I suppose it could have been snow!) with rain and wind. Actually the rain wasn’t too bad, it’s the ferocious winds! I had a couple of cancellations but those who showed up had a good time! I’m really grateful to those that were able to make it. Sienna had a ball! I was up at 6 am (with the help of Sienna) to make shredded BBQ chicken in the crockpot, baked macaroni and cheese, devil’s food cupcakes and vanilla frosting (I made banana cupcakes and 2 different frostings last night) and zucchini’s with goat cheese (Allen helped big time with those!). I was in a bit of a frenzy during the party so I didn’t get the best photos. Hopefully Yves got some good video. I set up a game called “pin the party hat on Sienna” which I’m sure you can guess what that is all about. I blew up a photo of Sienna eating cake from her 2nd birthday. I also had prizes for everyone. It was probably unnecessary to do the game since all the kids had a perfectly fun time just playing with Sienna’s toys! I guess I’ll just remember the game for when she is older.
Frosting choices are strawberry meringue buttercream, vanilla and chocolate sour cream. (the photo of the dog is Crusher and is part of a swap I’m doing!)
the kid’s table
Sienna couldn’t wait to get at the cupcakes! I don’t know why Emma has the pear! LOL
Allen and Leah
Allen says something funny
Playing in the living room (you should have seen Sienna’s room!)
Opening Uncle Peeder’s present!
Opening Phoenix, Geneva and Layne’s present (Phoenix made that card herself!!)
Checking out the present from Emma, Leah, Jana and Allen!
A froggie bank from Phoenix, Geneva and Layne!
The girls playing on the bed


  1. Jungy
    March 17th, 2010 | 1:58 pm

    Jeez, I really found whatever he said especially funny apparently. Scary. Lol.

    Was a fun get together, crappy weather aside!

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