Thing a day, week two

I’m behind in my postings for thing a day. You can always see my current/all thing a days by clicking here. I  left off at day 7 so here is days 8 through 14 (any pattern links can be found at my thing a day posts).
day 8, a brooch made as an extra for a swap.
Day 9, the start of a toddler messenger bag for Sienna’s friend, Emma.
day 10, stamping resin beads. This was a lot of fun. Next time I think it’s better to stamp using a real dark ink. It will show better on the ears. (extra photo at TAD)
Day 11, a Zakka cat pillow using a pattern from Stitching magazine, fall 2009, for a swap. More photos at TAD.
Day 12, a felt snowman that Sienna couldn’t wait to get her hands on. I let her play with it before I sent it to my swap partner. More photos at TAD. I also finished Emma’s bag!
Day 13, a sock bat for a swap. My first sock creature. The eyes glow in the dark.
Day 14! Valentine whoopie pies with a cream cheese filling. Quite yummy (‘despite how it looks’ according to Yves!)

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