Thing a day, week one

I joined thing a day this year for the 2nd time. Thing a day is in it’s 4th year. I don’t remember which other year I joined but I do remember that I didn’t post a thing to it! I vowed not to do that this year and am going to really commit to posting something daily. I don’t really have a problem being creative daily but I do get lazy to download the photos and post something daily. Anyway, you can follow my things a day at my posterous site daily but I plan to do a weekly follow up my this blog. Any links for the patterns will be found on my thing a day posts. Here is the first week!
Valentine Matchboxes
Rachel was hosting a craft night at Etsy labs on the 1st and I went out to support her. She was demonstrating altered matchboxes and the theme was Valentine’s day. These are what I made. Super cute! She wrote a re-cap on the swap bot blog and you can see photos of me there too! 😉
Sunday I went to Heather’s meetup where she was doing Old Hollywood cards. I don’t stamp much lately but I thought these would be fun and useful to have. There were 4 designs and I didn’t get to finish 2 of the designs so I made sure I had all the components and finished them at home (the last row) on the 2nd.
Day 3. I joined an Ugly Doll swap in the Felt and Stuff group so these are the pieces all cut out. The hand stitching was done later that night in front of the TV.
Day 4. The Ugly Doll is finished (notice one of the eyes is different! I lost the button so had to replace it. I actually like this one better) This doesn’t really count as a thing-a-day since it’s just finishing up yesterday’s. I also crocheted this little flower brooch. I made it look fancy by putting it in a jewelry box on top of a necklace. This is the 2nd time I made this pattern. The first one I used a thicker cotton yarn. I sent that in a swap.
Day 5, a fabric origami basket from a pattern online. Doesn’t look as nice as the original but cute.
Day 6, acrylic magnets. I used Tim Holtz’s fragments, print outs of some of my favorite holga shots, diamond glaze and some E6000 for the magnets.
Day 7, personalized hair clips for a friend’s daughter. She’s turning 4 and has nice thick hair so I thought she might like this. The 2nd shot is just to show the type of clip I used since the clips off to the side in the first photo is not the same. Not sure if I will use those.

Whew! I did the first week! I’m proud of myself for being diligent in my posts.  I hope I can keep this up for the rest of the month!!

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