So I don’t want to leave the last post before vacation to be about pain. So here is something fun!

We went to the Kings Plaza Mall on Sunday. Yves dropped us off. He was supposed to come with us but when we went out to the car Sunday morning, the car wouldn’t start! The battery was dead! At first we couldn’t figure out why, we’ve only had the car for 7 months! Turns out the lights were left on! By Sienna! Sienna likes to sit in the front seat and “drive.” I usually let her but on Friday, we got back from our playdate later than usual so we were behind schedule. She had scooted into the front seat before I can stop her so since it was late, I just grabbed out of the seat. I only saw that she turned the wiper handle so I put that back. I didn’t notice she turned on the lights! I called my dad and he came and gave us a boost. Turns out that my dad saw the lights were on as they had stopped by on Friday just when we got home! He just assumed that they shut off by themselves. Argh! Yves was nervous to go to the mall and shut off the car and be stranded so he just dropped us off and drove back so the battery has a chance to recharge. Everything is fine now.

Waiting for Santa

Getting ready (I got yelled at for having my camera out)


  1. Jungy
    December 14th, 2009 | 2:24 pm

    Awww, what a great photo! She looks so perfectly composed! (Then again, she’s quite used to being in front of a camera by now… Lol.)

    And of course they’re gonna yell at you for your camera-they want your money for the actual photo with him!

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