Etsy Labs October!

(I had to try Jacques Torres ice cream while in the area! It was yummy!)

Etsy Labs moved to their new location in Dumbo in September. They were having some real cool labs in October and I vowed to go to them more often. Well, I’ve gone to every one in October! (The last Monday is open craft night and I don’t usually go to that.) It was helpful to be able to head out earlier and get there around 4. In the past, I usually go after 5 and there are always a lot of people there that don’t even look up when someone walks into the room. Now that I have gotten there early the last few times, I understand why! We are all intent on working on our creations that sometimes we don’t even notice someone has come in! LOL. The first Monday lab was making a paper card called Exquisite Corpse and was being held by Esther K. Smith, who wrote the book “How to Make Books” (among other books). I didn’t really like my creation so much but it could be the fact that my desire to do paper crafts is not as strong (I’m really into felt and fiber related crafts). I also met up with Rachel, co founder of one of my favorite sites, swap-bot. She didn’t like her creation either.
My creation
Me and Rachel’s work (taken by Julie of Etsy Labs)

The 2nd lab was something I was really looking forward to because it dealt with felt! I met up with Rachel even earlier and got some wicked hot cocoa at Jacques Torres. We got to the lab a little after 4 and started pretty soon after. It was making a skull stuffie being held by Diana Schoenbrun and it was a pretty big project so I didn’t even finish it (I vow to finish it by Halloween!)
A sample skull on the left, where I left off on mine on the right!
Rachel’s skull
Suzanna’s skull
Julia’s skull

This past week I met up with Rachel again and we got some more hot cocoa at Jacques Torres. She wanted to check out the ice cream shop next door but it was closed! I wonder if it was closed for the season because it wasn’t even cold out, the temps about in the 60’s, still perfect weather for ice cream! Drat!
This day’s lab was making felt photo pockets with Kata Golda (who just came out with a book, Hand Stitched Felt). She supplied the prettiest hand dyed felt! I loved the way it handled. And I finished my project!
My finished felt photo pocket. I believe Kata says it holds 24 photos!
Me and Rachel’s finished pieces!
These are Chelsea’s bird (top) and Suzanna’s bird (bottom). I really liked them and asked if I could photograph them!


  1. October 22nd, 2009 | 2:50 am

    I have had a lot of fun going to the labs this month. Thank you for meeting me early! It really makes me get my rear out of the house on time. Plus, it is fun meeting for hot chocolate and it is definitely best to get the the Labs early. I feel like we have gotten almost one-on-one instruction with the hosts… Fun times!

    p.s. I like the Swap-bot button in your last photo! 🙂

  2. Jungy
    October 22nd, 2009 | 2:08 pm

    Can’t wait to see the finished skeleton! Looks cute.

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