The mixer was a couple of weeks ago on the 18th. We had it at Common Ground, a really nice loungy feel bar in the East Village. I liked it so much, we are having the September mixer there on trivia night on a Wednesday! And Robyn is pregnant! Woohoo!! She’s due December 30th.

For my mix this month I did a tribute to John Hughes as he passed away earlier this month. I hunted for a bunch of quotes from his movies and was really happy with the way the mix turned out. I did so much work on the actual mix that I got lazy to do the cover so here is just a screen shot of the playlist:

I have the mix uploaded so if you are interested in downloading it, leave me a comment and I’ll send you the link and password.


  1. Jungy
    September 1st, 2009 | 12:42 pm

    Which Hughes movie had “Cool Jerk” in it?

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