Pizza success!

We have reached thin crust pizza success! Last week’s pizza was perfectly thin and crunchy and didn’t fluff up in the middle. Yves decided to use a little less dough and it worked out perfectly. We still had problems transferring the pizza so on Wednesday me and Sienna went to get a pizza peel at BB&B. That night’s pizza was equally delicious and the pizza peel did make it easier to transfer the pizza (no pics from last night’s dinner). Last week Sienna made a pizza in her little pan. We couldn’t find it last night so I just shared mine with her.

Why does Sienna have a goofy smile?

Because her mommy had a goofy smile!
Sienna next to her pizza (we actually put the toppings on for her!)

Yves next to his pizza

My pizza


Thinness galore!

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