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Sienna at her first movie probably picking her nose. ha!

So I wanted to write about this before I forget! I took Sienna to her first movie at the end of July. They offer free movies at the theatre by our house during the summer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 am. I thought it was perfect to escape the heat and humidity. We went to see the Curious George movie and it took all my strength to keep it a surprise for Sienna. She loves CG. The theatre was packed (not surprising) and it was a pretty pleasant experience given the fact that I haven’t gone to the movies in ages mostly because people suck at the movies (they talk too much or kick your chair or just make too much eating noise). Sienna really enjoyed herself! I was looking forward to free movies all summer!

The following week was Mr. Bean’s Holiday. I like Mr. Bean. I thought maybe Sienna would too but wasn’t sure. She was super cranky that day so opted not to go as I didn’t want to deal with her in case she didn’t like the movie. The week after that was Wallace & Gromit. I know she isn’t familiar with these characters but thought she would like them. I was a little surprised that the theatre wasn’t packed at all. More empty seats than full ones. Hmmm. Once the movie started and the credits rolled, I thought ‘uh oh!’ It was the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (although I’m not sure now if they do have other movies). I looked over at Sienna but she didn’t seem scared. Whew. Maybe I am overreacting. About 30-40 minutes into the movie, I really had to use the bathroom. I asked Sienna to go to the bathroom with me and she willingly went. Once outside the theatre, as we are walking toward the bathroom, I hear gasping and look down to see Sienna starting to cry! I asked her what was the matter and she mumbled something about the man and the dog and nenna wanna go to the car! The man and the dog meaning Wallace & Gromit. I tried to calm her down and in the meantime figure out what to do while I went to the bathroom. Should I continue with the movie to show her that it ended happily? Or do I risk giving her nightmares later that night? I opted to leave because I did not want to have to deal with nightmares! As I was walking out, another mom was coming out of that theatre with her 2 kids. Apparently the scene right after we left was the one where they show the giant were-rabbit. The mom told me her daughter (who is 3!) screamed out “I wanna go HOME!” Her other daughter was just 18 months so didn’t really know what was going on. Good thing we left when we did!

So the following week was Clifford. I figured that was safe! A big red dog! Friendly and nice! Nothing scary about that, right? Well, I have come to realize that Sienna is still a tad too young for movies. She was taking everything in the movie way too seriously! There was a small sad part, she was crying. There was a part where a cow was walking a tightrope and looking like she would fall, she was yelling ‘cow gonna fall! cow gonna fall!’ All excited. We made it to the end of the movie but not without more drama in between. She cried afterwards because she wanted to see it again.On the way home, all she kept saying was ‘big red dog’, want,’big red dog.’ Sigh…she has a few Clifford books handed down from Eli and Maia and has now started asking for them on a regular basis. She even picked out a Clifford book at the library all by herself! And didn’t want to let it go. Huh. I’m exhausted! 😉


  1. Carol Menou a.k.a. Grandma
    August 27th, 2009 | 3:53 pm

    What a great idea to take her to the movies. But its kind of tricky. There always seems to be something too scary for little ones. A “Clifford” movie should be harmless. Not much psychology goes into the making of these so-called kiddie movies..Pity.

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