Blah to Hurricane Bill!

Hurricane Bill thwarted our beach plans (they closed the beaches due to rough riptides) but we had a nice weekend regardless! Friday afternoon the skies opened up and it rained pretty heavily. It didn’t last too long. Saturday there was a threat of rain and it did rain for a little bit but it wasn’t too bad. Yves took Sienna to play in the back while I baked banana cupcakes with a whipped peanut butter frosting. Then I ran over to the market so Yves can grill up some burgers. I laughed out loud when I came back to discover Sienna was totally carefree (see photo for specifics)! The pool and sprinkler was out and they were wet and running around and having a great time. Yves finally turned out a batch of burgers he was very happy with.
The frosting tasted a lot better later on in the day and the next day.

siennahelppancakes500.jpgbaconchocochippan500.jpgSunday I made bacon chocolate chip pancakes (thanks for the mix Brenda!) and Sienna even helped. At first Yves wasn’t interested in trying it but then he did and we all liked them. Sienna even asked for more (although I made hers without the bacon chocolate). Then we went down to Park Slope so I could take my film into get developed at Accurate Photo. Yves and Sienna went to the playground by the Stone House while I waited by the photo store to be opened. I waited. And waited. And waited. Then gave up. Turns out they were closed when we drove by at 1pm! I usually go on Saturdays but thought they were open on Sundays as well. So disappointed! Anyway, we had lunch at Perch cafe. The food is good but service is slow as molasses! It also totally annoys me when a table that orders after us gets their food before us! Clearly the waitress does not have kids  and doesn’t understand the urgency of keeping the visit as short as possible. atperchcafe500.jpg
Sienna got mac and cheese

My turkey bacon club
Tired of playing tea party, Yves talked her into playing blocks instead!


  1. Carol Menou a.k.a. Grandma
    August 27th, 2009 | 3:56 pm

    Daddy is getting to be quite a professional at the hamburger making. Looks delicious..Sienna is having fun skinny dipping.!!!

  2. August 28th, 2009 | 2:46 pm

    omg… Sienna’s little buns cracked me up! What can you do, she likes being free!! 🙂

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