My baby is no baby anymore!


It happened today. The inevitable. Sienna climbed out of her crib during naptime. We came back from the Little Gym, stopped and had some pizza for lunch and true to form, she fell asleep in the car blocks from home. She usually wakes up by the time we get up the stairs. I play it by ear whether to put her straight into the crib (which usually doesn’t work) or let her hang for a few minutes before mentioning nap time. She was all whiney, tired whiney when we got up the stairs and asked for froggie and to take her nap. Great! No brain function necessary, nap it is!

I was in the computer room when half an hour after I put her down, I hear her babbling. Great, she’s up but I ignore her hoping she will doze off again or at the very least just tell her to go back to sleep. Next thing I hear is the air filter shutting off! I run over to the door and see Sienna running down the hall into the living room. With froggie. Sigh.

I tried reasoning with her and told her that if she wanted to get out, she should call for Mommy. I told her naptime wasn’t over and put her back in. I told her to lay down and close her eyes and she did and cuddled up with froggie. I went back on the computer but this time, I left the door open. Sneaky devil did it again but this time stayed in her room!



  1. Jungy
    June 19th, 2009 | 12:39 pm

    How long until you catch her trying to sneak a 3 year old into her room through the window? LOL. ; )

  2. June 19th, 2009 | 2:39 pm

    great thanks jungy… it’s a good thing we’re 3 floors up..

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