Raya playdate

Sunday we had a playdate with Raya, the 3.5 year old daughter to my old friend Tami. Tami and I were best friends in elementary school. We hooked up again around 2001 because she knows Tommy from college, what a small world. We lost touch after that and then hooked up again because of Facebook. We met at the playground by the Brooklyn Bridge. I love that playground mostly because I love the view of the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s my favorite bridge. Afterwards, we had lunch at Bubby’s.

I love that smile on her face in this shot!
Tami and Raya
Robert and Raya (and my shadow)
Raya kisses Sienna
Going down the slide
Sienna eating a biscuit at Bubby’s. She got a scrape on the side of her face from a fall.
Yves cutting up Sienna’s french toast
Even though Yves cut up little pieces, Sienna grabs the big piece he didn’t cut up!
My smoked chicken salad sandwich

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