Elmo Makes Music!


Saturday we took Sienna to her very first show, Elmo Makes Music! at the Wamu Theater at MSG. Needless to say, Sienna had a great time! We picked to go to the 10:30 show because we figured early morning was best. I’m glad we left on the early side because we had train trouble and made it to the show just in time. We got stuck at Dekalb Avenue because of train congestion on the bridge. Then we stopped again on the bridge. Normally, it wouldn’t be as aggravating but trying to keep Sienna entertained in one spot is not an easy task! She was sitting on Yves’ lap for the first half of the train ride. Then she wanted to be with me so we switched seats. Not five minutes after she sat down with me, I felt a warm wet sensation on my leg. I was confused at first as I haven’t felt a warm wet sensation on my pants for a very long time (HA!) then I realized that Sienna’s diaper was leaking! Grrrr!! We forgot to change her diaper before leaving and with the way she was sitting on my lap (her legs spread apart over my legs), I guess her stream went right out her diaper and onto my pants. I didn’t even realize the floor was wet as well until Yves pointed it out!

Well, that incident did not mar the rest of the day as it went smoothly after that. We debated whether to bring the stroller and decided to bring it after all. We grumbled when we had to check in our stroller but that whole process went amazingly smooth! The show was fun! It started pretty much on time then there was a 15 minute intermission at 11:15 and the show ended around 12:15. We were hoping she’d nap on the way back but that didn’t work out! Of course she started getting sleepy when we were about a block away from home. She ended up not taking her nap after all but we put her to bed early when that happens. Overall it was a pretty good experience and something I wouldn’t mind doing again. (Circus anyone?)

Daddy with dry pants! Sienna has that “I’m waiting to pee for when you sit here!” look elmoexciteblog.jpg
Such excitement realizing what she was seeing!
The cast -  it’s most of Sesame Street so I don’t know why Elmo gets such top billing!
They were selling these obnoxious balloons during intermission. Sienna wanted one but we talked her out of it and got her a stuffed Elmo instead.
Oscar and Rosita!
Elmo’s World!
Bert in a Saturday Night Fever skit. Guess this was for the parents, it made me laugh!
Baby Bear and Big Bird!
After the show with her new Elmo doll
Eating her spinach pizza!


  1. jungy
    February 9th, 2009 | 2:38 pm

    Elmo gets the show named after him because he’s the biggest draw for the generations after us.

    I’d be down for a visit to the circus…

  2. Carol Menou a.k.a. Grandma
    February 9th, 2009 | 3:28 pm

    Seems Sienna had a great time despite the diaper glitch !!! Elmo seems to be the great favourite among kids. Gaby is certainly a major fan..

    Love and kisses

  3. February 9th, 2009 | 5:46 pm

    The story doesn’t even revolve around him!!

  4. February 11th, 2009 | 3:32 pm

    Wow, it looks you all had a great time regardless of the setbacks! I would love to come to New York sometime and see a musical or play. That’s on my “Things to do before I die” list!

    Take care,

    Your swap-bot friend
    lvpoohbr2 Ü

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