Good-bye cold weather!!


Tomorrow we are flying down to Jamaica for a week! woohoo!! While I am NOT looking forward to the 4 hour flight with Sienna, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that all will run smoothly. I posted this picture of noodle soup because the day I got this was dreary, rainy and a little cold! This shot is from last Thursday and I took Joy out for her birthday. We went to try this hand pulled noodle soup place on 60th off of 8th Avenue in Sunset Park (I’m way too lazy to look up the name right now.) It’s a little hole in the wall and the guy hand pulls the noodles right there for your soup. The noodles were delicious!! The meat wasn’t the greatest, a bit tough. So, not being truly satisfied, we headed over to our favorite bahn mi place and tried something different for both of us, the meatball sandwich. It was good. Not as good as the chicken one I get but still tasty. Me and Joy split the sandwich so didn’t make a total glutton out of ourselves !


See ya in a week!

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