Is she back?


So far today has been the best day this week with Sienna. Yesterday we were all ready to go to music class and I was really excited to get her back to routine. I think she would have really enjoyed it as I played the cd for her that morning and it made her smile and dance and clap. Right before I was about to get her ready to go, she had a big coughing fit and threw up. A lot! She had done that earlier in the week but didn’t throw up nearly as much. I had to change my clothes, her clothes and clean up the big mess on the carpet and the sleepy chair. Up came her breakfast with the specks of blueberry, orange juice and mucus. Lovely, eh? So instead of music class, we were in the doctor’s office. He prescribed some medicine to dry up her nose as that was probably what was making her cough (the mucus from her nose dripping down into her throat). She slept relatively well. I thought I heard her talking around 3 AM but I could have been imagining it. She was definitely crying at 4 AM but stopped and I actually had to make noise around 7:30 AM to wake her up!

She still shows signs of some clinginess and telling me no and having little tantrums but nothing nearly as major as earlier in the week. Perhaps I’m just extra sensitive to it now. I took her to the playground today as I was anxious for her to get some fresh air and be able to run around. It went pretty normally! Dare I say? Things are looking up. Plus Yves got an earlier flight home on Sunday! Yay! Unfortunately, now my dad is sick with a stuffy nose and sore throat! Yikes!

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