Where is my child?

I can’t wait for Sienna to be back to her old self again! Me too! Me three! Me four!

As I mentioned briefly last week, Sienna is sick. I was hoping by this time, we would be back to our normal routine and her illness would have been a distant memory. Somebody else had other ideas. So, Wednesday she felt warm and her nose was stuffy. It was already planned that my parents were going to be here and I was going to run some errands. By the time I got back, she was not napping and had a higher fever but tylenol seemed to help.

Thursday I really thought she was getting better (she’s usually over something like this in a day or 2) and even napped in her crib. I took this opportunity to run into the city to get some film for Kagero‘s photo shoot on Sunday while my parents were here. I was really fast because I made it home 15 minutes after she woke up.

Friday she seemed to go backwards. She still had a stuffy nose and was coughing more. She didn’t want to nap in her crib and fell asleep in my arms in the sleepy chair in the living room (thank goodness for Tivo as I watched Grey’s Anatomy while she slept). Friday night was sort of crazy. We cringed everytime she coughed but when she started crying at around 2:30 in the morning and would not stop, it was unbearable. She again fell asleep in my arms in the rocker in her room. I was a bit of a zombie while heading to Zack’s mark of birth ceremony as the official photographer upon Tammy’s request. A huge banana berry with energy boost from Jamba Juice was actually very helpful! Again, I really thought she was getting better on Saturday as she let me leave for the ceremony and even seemed in good spirits (she had been very clingy and only wanted mommy to comfort her). Yves said she was and then just turned on him suddenly. She also fell asleep in his arms while in the sleepy chair in the living room. I called the doctor and took her in on Sunday with my dad. (Yves went to the photoshoot on his own-turned out to be a beautiful day). Sienna was actually happy in the car and even in the waiting room, playing with the toys and hanging out with grandpa. The doctor checked her all out. Her throat is fine, her lungs are fine and her ears are fine. Everything was in her nose and she’s on the tail end of her illness so did not want to prescribe anything for her. Only suggested we elevate one side of her mattress to help with her stuffy nose and some fresh air. Took her into the back area in the afternoon. She had limited energy and she didn’t seem as happy to be outside as I thought she would be. Sigh. Going to bed Sunday night, I thought for sure we would be getting the first decent night’s sleep in a few nights. I must have jinxed it. It was the worse night by far. She started crying at 10:40 and would not stop no matter how we tried to soothe her. She only stopped when I picked her up and had her in my arms. I was prepared to have her sleep in my arms the whole night. I just wanted her to sleep because if she sleeps, she’ll get better. She kept fidgeting while I was in the rocker. I went out to the sleepy chair in the living room.More fidgeting. I looked at the clock and it was 11:30 ish. I gave up on the idea and thought I convinced her to go back in her crib to be with froggy and bunny rabbit. It didn’t last long. The 2nd time I tried to elevate her mattress even more by puttiing one of our old pillows underneath (Yves had put some wood underneath) and relented and gave her some Tylenol. She just wanted out of the crib and in my arms. Back to the living room and it was around 1:30. More fidgeting and she even sat up.  I thought maybe my shirt was too itchy for her to relax on and tried to move it up but she was still fidgeting. I recited Good Night Moon to her and put her back in her crib. She cried at first but stopped pretty fast. I don’t knkow what happened but she ended up sleeping till 6.

That brings us to today. I let her watch 2 hours of Sesame Street and in an attempt to get back to normal, shut it off after 2 episodes. Well, she had a fit! Cry, cry, cry and pointing to the tv and the remote and to me to put it back on. Yves took off since he has to leave tomorrow and won’t be back until Sunday because of work so we decided to take her with us to run some errands in the neighborhood. Cry, cry, cry all the way in the carriage. Cry in the post office, cry in the drug store, cry on the way back. So I took her home while Yves finished up the errands. I tried to get her to go up the stairs on her own but she wanted to be carried. I didn’t want to. She was breathing fine and only coughed sporadically so I felt she was mostly over her cold and wanted to ween off babying her. What a struggle. I sat at the top of the stairs trying to get her to come up to me. Cry, cry, cry, whine, whine, whine. Sigh. I tried to compromise and went down past halfway. Nope, no can do. I finally gave up after 20 minutes and carried her up. Crying stops. It was then that we realized that her teeth must have really been hurting her. Her incisors are due to come in and another mom told me they were the worst of all the teeth. I gave her teething drops but it was the teething ring from the fridge that seemed to calm her down the most. Lunch was a failed attempt and I had to sit her in my lap so we can finish our lunch in peace. She was falling asleep in my lap at the table. We thought for sure she would not go down in her crib but I whispered to her if she wanted to take her nap. She slid down and out of my lap and walked toward her room!! I put her in her crib and she has now been asleep for the past 30-45 minutes. BIG SIGH!

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