Officially addicted!

Currently I am addicted to Etsy, obtaining crochet patterns and swap-bot. I’ve been getting active again on swap-bot as it helps me keep creative juices flowing. I find myself looking for swaps to join and even started my own swap for Amigurumi food, my first hosting on swap-bot. And then found another Amigurumi swap with an Autumn theme, a knit/crochet dishcloth swap, and a knit/crochet Christmas ornament swap! That’s how I became obsessed with looking for crochet patterns. There are tons of free ones on the internet! Then I joined an Etsy favorites swap where your partner will buy you a small priced item from your Etsy favorites list (feel free to buy me something too! HA!). I debated joining this swap because 1. I could just buy it myself! and 2. I didn’t have an Etsy favorites list. Well, I decided it would be a nice surprise to see which item my partner would pick and then became obsessed with finding things to put on my list. Then I found this cute bunny pod pattern that I couldn’t resist and am currently working on. I figured that I got lots of free patterns, it’s ok to buy one here or there. And then last night found this cute pattern that I just couldn’t resist (again)! Crochet Dim Sum! I really just wanted to make the egg custard and am not clever enough to figure it out on my own but some of the other items are cool too. The great thing is that these patterns get e-mailed to you so that’s instant gratification!

Here is the top part of the bunny pod or the head. It doesn’t look as nice as the picture from the pattern. It’s funny how the shaping of the snout could really alter the look! I’m not crazy about my shaping of the snout but am too lazy to fix it. It’s got character!
And via Celestina’s blog, I discovered etsy seller onefourzero and got my own personal stamp with the bunny logo and my signature and e-mail/website, which I love. I e-mailed her my design on Sunday and it was in my mailbox on Wednesday! From the UK!! I love Etsy!!
After making this skullholder from the Happy Hooker book, I had such fun that I went on the prowl for more potholders and found this adorable fish! (I also want to make that cute chicken in her banner, which is from this book that I will probably end up buying but am trying to resist)
I already finished the dishcloth for the swap with the same color yarn as this fish. I might include this fish too, if I could part with it! When I told Yves I bought a pattern for the bunny pod, he asked if we were keeping that one because I seem to be swapping away everything I’m working on! HA! I told you I’m addicted!


  1. October 16th, 2008 | 6:34 pm

    Well, I want you to know that your addiction is affecting others. You now have me addicted to swap-bot as well. I have already signed up for 3 swaps and I am watching 15 (FIFTEEN!) others. What have you gotten me into?

    I guess that it is better than other addictions–LOL.

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