Have Playground, Will Travel

We’re fortunate enough to have a car and the opportunity to go to vast amounts of playgrounds in Brooklyn.  I believe we take full advantage of that! Within the last month, we’ve gone to at least 9 different playgrounds! They all have relatively different layouts, different play structures and different people with pros and some cons for all of them. During the summer, we went over to Bay Ridge a lot and went to 3 different ones over there with Owls Head being our favorite. You can close off the area and there’s always a good amount of kids there (not too little and not too many). The sprinklers are in a separate section and the bathrooms are new and clean. The one at 83rd and Colonial is right behind my alma mater, Fort Hamilton High School. The last time we went there (to meet Layla and Rawya), the marching band was practicing. It sent chills up and down my spine hearing the band play. (I played the flute in the HS band.) I found myself looking for the teacher to see if it’s the same one even though it was over 15 years ago (it wasn’t). I think the sprinklers in this playground are Sienna’s favorite because she usually goes right into them.

Rawya and Sienna
Swings and raspberries at 79th street.

Here’s a cute video of Sienna and Yves at Owl’s Head (comment or e-mail me for password)

“I don’t want to” from Lisa on Vimeo.

Now that summer is officially over and the cold weather is coming, I wanted to go to the local playgrounds more often. My least favorite one is the East 14th Street one because there are always old men there smoking cigarettes (and it’s small). YUCK. We only go there if we have errands to do around there. The Bedford one isn’t bad but there are also old people hanging out there as well. So far no smokers among them at least! And recently, we’ve been going to the East 36th street one to meet up with local mom Jana and her 2 little girls Emma (2.5) and Leah (11 months). I like that one even tho the first time I went, there was a lot of garbage around and the bathrooms aren’t very close.

stay clear of the smokers!
she can go up and down this slide all day!
East 36th

We also go to the Bay Parkway one when we have to go to Caesar’s Bay for errands. I didn’t like it at first because it’s pretty big and there were lots of older kids there running around. The second time we went (Saturday), it was better.
This wooden walkway became a slide for Sienna!


  1. Carol Menou a.k.a. Grandma
    September 29th, 2008 | 1:41 pm

    Was there a sprinkler on in that little area?? She was certainly having fun although she was a little cautious..Poor Daddy having to accompany her back and forth – its great exercise…
    Love and kisses

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