My babies

I realize that I don’t post much about the animals and since Sienna was born, less attention has been paid to them. Well,, Neo doesn’t care. He wants to be left alone but now that Skippy has been living with him for about 3 years, he’s not so scared of Neo and sometimes even tries to be playful with him. Much to Neo’s chagrin. Anyway, here are some recent pictures of them. I try to get a nice group shot of Sienna with them but it doesn’t seem to work so well. I’ll keep trying!

Neo on my craft table (Yves was probably vacuuming) sitting next to one of Sienna’s favorite animals, Gorilla.

Sienna and Neo
The closest thing to a group shot!
Sienna helping me bath Skippy


  1. jungy
    September 10th, 2008 | 2:27 pm

    She is getting so big!

    And I think you totally need to do an “Olan Mills”-type family portrait with all of you and the pets in front of some woodsy backdrop. Lol.

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