Picnic in the Park

Saturday we got Banh Mi sandwiches and summer rolls and had a picnic at Sunset Park. We haven’t done that with Sienna since last July, when she was just a little baby! 🙂 Hasn’t she changed?!

She will always try whatever you give her to eat. Even if she spits it out afterwards, she will still take it the next time. After the 3rd spit out of the summer roll, we figured she didn’t care much for it or at least for the texture of the rice paper.

There was no spitting out of Yves’ Banh Mi sandwich! He always gets the original and I always get the grilled chicken. Sienna really liked the original although she didn’t turn down my sandwich either!

Sienna smudging the camera lens.
It was a little chillier than expected and she managed to keep this hat on for just a little bit!
A little stroll with daddy!

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