Wedding Banquet

Saturday my youngest cousin, Peter, got married and I went to the banquet, held at East in Flushing. I was procrastinating writing about it because I did not really want to go. I’m not close with my family at all and I was predicting an evening of awkwardness and idle chit chat. Which was exactly how it turned out. But I thought showing up was the only proper thing to do (Yves stayed home with Sienna, I went with my parents) and figured I had the food to look forward to. I love banquet food. But the food turned out to be disappointing! Most of the dishes were overcooked, the fish being the worst of it. It started out promising with the roast pig platter. Crispy pig skin and baby octopus that was not chewy at all. Then my all time favorite, shrimp with walnuts and broccoli that comes in a creamy mayonnaise sauce. It wasn’t terrible but the shrimp was a little overcooked. And then it went downhill from there. The upside of the evening was the 2 babies sitting at the 2 adjoining tables to us. They were born right around the same time as Sienna. And although it made me miss my little one, it was fun playing peek-a-boo with them.

Roast Pig platter
Shrimp with walnuts and broccoli (walnuts not shown)
Pineapple Filet Mignon (was good actually)
Shark Fin soup (banquet tradition)
Abalone with bok choy
Fried chicken with shrimp chips
Fried Rice
Dessert (startiing from lower right-fresh fruit, cookies, sweet red bean soup and the wedding cake)

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