International Baby

I think we take Sienna out to eat a good amount of time. Besides a little bit of food throwing, she is really well behaved. She’ll be a foodie before we know it! Last Saturday we went to our old neighborhood, Bay Ridge, and went to have Indian food at India Passage for lunch. The prices stung a little bit knowing how cheap we can get Indian food in the East Village. But I can just imagine Sienna in one of those restaurants. She’ll have pulled off all the lights in less than 5 minutes! I can’t even imagine fitting a hi-chair in one of those cramped restaurants. Anyway, Yves got chicken tikka masala and I got chicken tikka saag. She seems to really like both of them!

Having a bit of my saag.

Yeah so she still talks with her mouth full. LOL

Here we are sharing mango ice cream that they gave us after lunch.

Mango Ice Cream from Lisa on Vimeo.

Then last night we ordered Thai food for dinner and she seemed to really like that too! That’s when I thought she is truly an international baby! My parents made fried rice for lunch and last week she had mediterranean with the Gunns and brick oven pizza another day! So far there is nothing she won’t try. Just like her mom!

Having some of her dad’s Pad Thai

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