Lunch with the Gunns


Sunday we met up with Tommy and Maureen for lunch at First Oasis. I am ashamed to say that we haven’t seen them since the baby shower last year!! I’m sure we won’t let another year pass before getting together again. I have been friends with Tommy for quite a long time and he went to our wedding in Vegas in 2001. And speaking of wedding, they got engaged in December 2007! Yay!!

Well, sorry there aren’t any pictures of the food. I tend to forget when Sienna is around but I managed to get the waiter, Rami, to take our picture after the meal. Sienna liked Rami. Sienna tends to be leary of waitstaff, more specifically female waitstaff and then they become scared of getting too close to her. Well, I think Rami was the first male waiter we had. Sienna kept looking at him and waving at him and smiling at him. It was cute. For now. 🙂 Rami was very nice too. We started off with the vegetarian combination on the advice of Rami. It was good! Stuffed grape leaves, hummus, babaganuj, falafel and salad. I know Tommy is not a fan of non-meat but Rami was so nice, I wanted to take him up on his advice. I got the mousakka, Yves got the chicken kafta kebab and Tommy and Maureen got the Roasted Spring Chicken. It seems like everyone enjoyed their food and Sienna tried some rice, hummus, falafel and pickled radish (which she seemed to like) and gasp tomato (which she also seemed to like!) and she was picking from my plate.

And they were so super sweet to give Sienna a birthday present! Lots of cute clothes from The Children’s Place!

Here’s a video of Sienna and Yves walking from the car on the way to meeting Tommy and Maureen for lunch. If you need the password, please leave a comment or e-mail me and I will send it to you!

Street Walk with Dad from Lisa on Vimeo.

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