Band meeting at Calidad Latina

The band got together this past Wednesday and we realized Coachella is this weekend (where we first got dubbed the band by Yves-I think…can’t trust my memory these days!) Anyway, we went to Calidad Latina for some delicious spanish food. Everything was delicious and the waiter and staff were super friendly. We started off with the mofongo.
This is after we tackled into it and started playing with it by putting the garnish on top. Our own little Joshua Tree (more reference to Coachella).
Joy got the fried pork chops and mixed rice and we all shared a side of tostones with garlic sauce (not every place gives garlic sauce with their tostones). I got the breaded steak and Pete got the marinated steak.
I couldn’t decide between breaded steak or marinated steak so Pete offered to get one of them so we can share it. What a friend! And Tammy got arroz con pollo! Check out her mounds
of food!! 😉 Everything was delicious! The only disappointment was the mixed rice. It wasn’t very flavorful. But just a small setback to an otherwise wonderful meal.

We managed to save some room in our tummies to go to Billy’s Bakery for some cupcakes. It was sadly disappointing. Dry and not much flavor. They don’t have anything on Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

Pete’s mounds.

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